Heart & Soul of Serenity - WIP


Completed a initial drawing onto the canvas. Did a first layer of a mix of Burnt Sienna and Raw Sienna. After the layer had some time to dry for about 2 days I started working on the grisaille by marking main darks on engine as well as main darks and lights on Kaylee's sleeve. The grisaille is a mixure of Ivory Black & Raw Umber 1:1 Ratio with white for the different degrees of shades. Continued to work on the grisaille shading in the sleeves and the leggings. Marked main highlights in the engine and started main blending of shading and values on the engine. Did the shading in Kaylee's right hand.
Completed main blending on grisaille in the engine room other then some small details on the "Engine Spokes" and a few other spots. After completing the engine roms shading I did the door frame shading. Did a loose boxing in of shapes in the hallway leading to the engine room. Started the shading of the grisaille in the hallway. Still have to fix a few perspective lines like on the light fixures edge. Started shading on Kaylee's face as well as fixed some of the perspective lines. Added my first glaze of colour on the bottom end of the engine as its been dryign for about a week as I worked around the engine room area. The 2 colours I glazed on the bottom section of the engine was Cadium Red Dark as well as Cadium Yellow Deep Hue
I did more shading in Kaylee's face. Added some glazing colors to the engine. For the engine hood I mixed Burnt Sienna + and a touch of Copper. For the rest of the engine I mixed Olive Green + Burnt Sienna + and did a slight wash of copper in a few places. After it dries I'll be going back over it to bring out the highlights and shadows. and add some colour reflections from the internal lighting of reds and blues. Reshaped the cheekbones and shading in the face. I added some Cerulean Blue Hue into the back wall of the engine room, as well as adding the first glazes of colour on the sleeves. For the purple I used Cerulean blue + Cobalt blue, also for the purple area I used Dioxazine Purple. For the yellow I used Cadium Yellow. The "orange" on the sleeve is Cadmium Yellow Deep. Defined the ceiling lights and the area around it. redefined the shading and marked where pipes will be running on the wall. Added small bolt details around the door. To small to see on smaller picture. Also added the glow of the floor lighting. When it dries I'll add the grating on top of it. Next step wil be to complete the grisaille of the background and then Kaylee.
Used Cerulean Blue for first layer of glaze on the wall. Used a mixture of Zinc White + Cerulean Blue, Magenta and Dioxazine for the mid section of the right arm sleeve. Used Cadmium Red for the top part of the sleeve. Started working on another layer of shading for the overalls Kaylee is wearing. adding steps soon