Upcoming Events

Some cool art events coming soon to a place near you...

Calgary Expo

WHEN: April 25th and 26th
WHERE: Calgary Round Up Center Hall D

Heading to the Calgary Expo again this year. This time however I am hoping to meet Jewel Staite whom I am currently working on a painting of. For more information on the Calgary Expo visit www.calgaryexpo.com

Painting on display

WHEN: Jan/Feb
WHERE: Naked on Jasper

My Joker oil painting will be on display at the internet cafe "Naked on Jasper" on 10354 - Jasper Ave. It was originally put on the wall but I believe it has now moved to the front window to be displayed.

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Botanical Gardens
June 6, 11:22 pm

Had a really good time visiting the botanical gardens for the first time. I'm sure I'll be back again sometime soon!
Art and Photos on Facebook
April 30, 3:22 am

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