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From: Jay Bleackley
August 26, 6:48 pm

Thanks for snapping that awesome picture of me bombing the hill during the ROGUE longboard race. I love it!

From: Mary
July 24, 6:56 pm

Hey Steven,
I especially like your nature pictures, like "Northern California: Near Mt. Shasta" and, off course, "Sunset Beach." I am also impressed with your inspired picture of the film platter. As someone who has been struggling with SLR photography for a couple of years now, I can see that you have grasped the technical aspects of photography. Wann wird die Webseite auf Deutsch erscheinen? Sprichst du eigentlich Deutsch? Ich habe das nicht gewusst, dass du Deutsch kannst.

From: Paul McGowan
March 3, 1:19 pm

Wow, great art Steve! I really like Fallen. That one evokes emotions. I love the colours in the sky.

I also like the Joker; I'll have to come by Naked Cyber Cafe sometime this week to check it out. It's positively creepy! Good job.

Nice work with the portraits in chalk and charcoal as well.

I also like the quality of photos you have done. I think I like the CN tower the best.

Keep up the good work man! Keep posting new stuff!

From: Raymondo
January 25, 6:59 pm

Looks sick, mang!

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June 6, 11:22 pm

Had a really good time visiting the botanical gardens for the first time. I'm sure I'll be back again sometime soon!
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