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Steven Kovick
Steven Kovick was born and raised in Edmonton. At a young age he discovered the joys of Crayola, but refused to be held back by the limitations of constantly breaking and consistently dull crayons. He expanded his talents to sketching, painting, scratchboard and photography. After a richly rewarding high school art experience, Steven decided that he would pursue a Fine Arts foundational year at a local college.

Since then Steven has continued to refine his skills in many art forms. His eclectic use of mediums and diversity of subjects has led to a self-expression that is both ranged and still definitively his own style. Steven is quite often available for art commissions. His former clients are put at ease with his laidback attitude and impressed by his attention to detail and commitment to the project.

Stevenís spontaneous and relaxed personality has provided him with the opportunity to explore many hobbies. Currently Steven spends the majority of his spare time exploring astronomy, travelling, building computers, walking his dog and spending time with his family. He still considers his art one of his favorite pastimes as it is his passion.

Explore the site, check back often, and see if you can catch a glimpse of Stevenís multifarious personality!

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Botanical Gardens
June 6, 11:22 pm

Had a really good time visiting the botanical gardens for the first time. I'm sure I'll be back again sometime soon!
Art and Photos on Facebook
April 30, 3:22 am

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